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Listen to your mind and connect it to your spirit


Yes, once again I want to talk about the connection of body and mind, a body it is the mind it is the foot of your soul and it is your guidance to way you want to go and the body without a mind it has no, it has no base and it has no ground so my belief in life is that do listen to your mind and connect it with your spirit and guide your body to where you want to go so our dream lies to who am i? What is my essence? And what is that my mind tells me? And does that resonate back in to your body timely because if you resonate timely in to your body then, then youve got a very strong base because if your mind stands on its own and your body stays on its own then you do not know what you are thinking, will it be the right decision, so when your mind is strong and you believe on what your mind tells you and your body are celebrating what your mind is saying then your mind is clear and very protected and also when you, when your mind is clear and protected those around you they feel save, they listen to what you say and they want to be leaded by you, so you can only lead the others when your mind is leaded clearly in to your body so that these two things for me they are one, you can never separate them so it is very important to connect firstly spirit, mind to the body because the spirit gives a shadow in to your mind and your mind strengthens your body and then everything that you want to do you can accomplish it so once again the mind, the spirit, the body helps you to share with a fellow human beings around you and for me as a leader as I dont know if Im a leader but those, those I have worked with will, would definitely tell of what I have done in, in this years of me working with different kinds of people in the world Ive been in different paths of the world and I have Ive been given a chance for people to tell me theyre story Ive been given a chance for people to, to allow me to teach them on many ways on how to balance the body, mind and soul so yeah, so I think it is very important to connect body, mind and spirit I thank you.

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