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Benefits of breathing exercise and humour


Stress is a normal part of our day. Sometimes weve had it for so long. We dont realized the damages it has done to our bodies until we start feeling all levels of anxiety all the time and cant seem to break the habit. Well, here are some ways of breaking that habit: One, of course, is to first go and get a physical to make sure that nothing is physically wrong because they can sometimes fix things with medication if the adrenal system is over working or whatever. The next thing is a breathing exercise I have used with clients who have eliminated road rage, have stopped panic attacks and actually one lady whose blood pressure soared just before getting her first bout of chemotherapy and she was able to reduce her blood pressure by using this particular breathing exercise. It is breathing in through your nose from the diaphragm for the count of four easily. You dont want to get hyperventilated. So its breathing in for four, holding for seven, breathing out to the nose for eight and what this does is relaxes the body, It allows the oxygen to come up into your brain where its needed. It stops the adrenalin. I have no idea how. I dont really care and it relaxes the muscles because youre no longer doing shallow breathing which tenses up the muscles. You now relax . So your muscles relax and on that last breath out, on the count of eight, youre getting rid of a lot of toxic waste that has been staying in your lungs for a long time. Very effective and you keep using this cycle over and over until youre starting to feel relaxed. Eventually, that should start breaking the habit of that little level of anxiety. Another and very simple suggestion is to smile. We take ourselves way too seriously. Put some humour into it. Realize, well, there it happens again but humour is very healing and its very helpful in getting through some challenging circumstances.

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