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A way of life that you practice


_____________________Jennie Lee____________________________ That's a really great question because it is very misunderstood in many of the western in much of the western world. um Yoga is absolutely both something that you practice and a way of life, it's a way of life that you practice, so it's not limited to the physical practice, the physical postures of yoga the exercise yoga if you will which is well we hear about mostly today in the western world but the, the true meaning of yoga is a lifestyle practice it includes ethical practices it includes um qualities that we try to practice and embody such as peacefulness, truthfulness, contentment, generosity. Um and then it includes interiorization processes like shutting down the senses in order to go into that place of stillness so being willing to turn off the media, close your eyes, close your ears, get quiet, and move to an inner awareness of what beyond the sensory that we deal with on a daily basis.

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