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Learn from somebody who's different that you are.


How willing are you to really spend time or give a chance to someone who is significantly different than you? Someone for me vastly a different culture or different lifestyle someone with vastly different abilities mental health challenges lacks the ability to understand or read is a challenging question we think in theory in the new ones we think to ourselves, sure I want everybody to have an opportunity but how willing are you to have a coworker in the office next to you or the cubicle next to you who has bipolar disorder who has turrets we gain value by exposure to different people I think I've children in school we separate them into the gifted students the average students and the children with the needs with higher needs how much benefit would that gifted child get with if within their class there was a child who had behavioral problems there was a child who had a low intellectual ability, their rich (inaudible) that would bring them and experiencing different people different abilities the ability from both children to gain that but we dont do that, I say these children belong over here and these children were helping over here I feel strongly that we need to have much more integration in our schools in our work places much more exposure to people has vast differences than us because we benefit, we gain by exposure to them not just in our empathy but by understanding of ourselves and our humanity so I feel strongly that we need to stop as often as we can and look at people who are different and see what opportunities that we could provide them and they could be small it could be talking to people it could be volunteering to people it could be accepting people that we see around us all the time and not judging the most different and accepting how can I do something different instead of judging them so I feel strongly that we should the time and say to ourselves what can I do differently, what can I learn from somebody whos vastly different than I am.

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