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It's good to be alive


Hi some really quick tips for you on as a simple things to do to help you feel better about yourself, the first thing is to close your eyes and imagine or remember something at a time, a place that make you feel really, really good it doesnt have to be a big event it could be something very small and almost insignificant it doesnt have to change your life moment basically close your eyes and imagine and think about that time really focus on it, really bring up the feelings, for me there's a place on south coast a beautiful wonderful sunny day with a clear blue sky and the sea fairly gentle but lacking of over white rocks and it was deserted it was quiet, it was peaceful it has serenity and I never forget that moment it's lot a little visual image in my mind where it's just lock and whenever I'm feeling bad about myself or having a bad day I close my eyes and bring up that visual image just for anything could 30 seconds and I just remember that moment and it just have all the feelings can live it so the first thing I would say to you is think of a really good time don't think about (inaudible) don't hold back and gain to your mind that when I was 22 I have all this and now I havent got it because that's reinforcing about feelings just take the moment, here's the second thing I would say to you is take a step back just take a step back and breathe really think about miracle of breathing, breathing slowly, exhale slowly close your eyes and close of everything around you and take a moment of calm, get rid of that emotion (inaudible) and all the pressure that's coming in and building up in here and just stop, stop and just breathe the simplest thing you can do and you know speak seconds on focusing just on breathing in and out pop out that image bring that image in to here and start to feel how it makes you feel, so bring that mind and calmness and start to think all the good things and a little tip for you is to get a pen and a paper and write down all the nice things that happen to you all the good things that are good for you, all the things that you do for other people so (inaudible) positive list not a phrase or (inaudible) just the good stuff and it just reminds you of all positive things instead of writing (inaudible) actually all the good things I spoke (inaudible) on a bus this morning a complete stranger and I saw a girl who have a fantastic smile nice positive energy it can get you thinking your mind your like frame of mind just like appreciating even the simplest things around you, another thing you can do is actually give a (inaudible) and just Google I'm not talking about being an artist you do not have to be an artist this is about you (inaudible) even if you just use writing just draw things that make you feel happy, Google (inaudible) write it down, pour it in just think when you are 5 years old and you didnt have any expiration's to really be anything you just let your (inaudible) just make things and people would you say is fantastic but it made you feel good it had a bitter form in your mind and then with the last things it just really ask yourself what do you like doing and do it for 5, 10, 15 minutes if it's just walking on garden circles or having that extra cup of cappuccino in one certain place just go and really think about wow best coffee in the town just (inaudible) then just do that quick simple little, little things that can just remind you that it good to be alive

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