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Important things to do when choosing to quit your job


If you hate your job, I really encourage you to look for another job. But only under the pretense that you make peace with where you are. And by doing so, look for one or two things that you can appreciate about your current job. There is always at least one or two things that you can find and by doing that, you're elevating your vibration and your energy to a more positive place so you're more apt to find a new job in that positive state of alignment and energy because I really believe that you take yourself wherever you go. So, if you're leaving one job very angry and frustrated, you're taking that energy into this new job. And perhaps, even attracting a new job in that similar vibration and recreating those same problems and situations that you no longer wish to have. And I really encourage you to do what it is that you love and if you don't know what that is to do your best to seek out what it could be because doing what you love makes life worth living.

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