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Astrology, psychology and type a personality people


Hello everybody. My name is Dr. Turi. My first question that I have to deal for you is what some of the strategy to help busy Type A people to take some time out to create a daily meditation practice. But first I have to give you my definition of what a Type A is outside the conventional discipline in traditional psychology. Remember we are dealing with astro-psychologies, well when we have the time. And behind me, you have a little charts that is your idea on how to use the visual as instrument to students when I teach astro-psychology . I am myself. A type E, a type A. In case searching up in physics. I am like in [tirbutosh], physically, mentally, spiritually. A Type A people are classifies commonly suffering ADD or my favorite ADHD. So where is that coming from? Before I give you the answer. It is coming from this. This is called gemini, the sun gemini or [audible] Greek Mythology that hands are around with the couple of wings behind Zeus. Actually, it's symbol of figure in Greek Mythology that represents to be the air energy. The seas, the mental quality, the mental curiosity, the principal thinking produce by Gemini. Okay. I was born [audible]. To explain to you say for example, traditional astronomy , mercury which is rare rule of gemini is a comet that evolves really really fast around the sun. And when you enhance stages as you integrate yourself from the instances in the world, when you inherent a lot of gemini, well you're gonna be like in [tirbutosh] you're going to be speaking fast, you're going to be very intellectual and you will have a good description of what a Type A is. So, how can you fix the problem now. Well the best time for me to regenerates [audible]. So when I go for example, go hunting, no fishing, in the same with bulling. I'm not going to get really tired. Even though I'm completely over oxygenated, the lake being [audible]can give you that sense of coming down. This is how expends me sold down my natural mercurial energy. That is one way to do it. Exhaust yourself. Be very very tight. Not to the point when you're going to crash out. You could also auto-suggest yourself beside your favorite therapist that would work too. One of your best shot is to use my little discovery. I give out some [inaudible phrase] when you're very high and when you're very low. The other expense is very high and very low. Very drastically at least twice a months. That is when you going to get up in the morning wish Where is my energy today? or when you're going to get up and being like sitting on top of the world again. So by using the software I designed, I'm able to point out if you're going to be right at the top and that's not going to work for you or rather in the low [inaudible]. You could use that too. So there's two way. As I'm concern, to bring myself and my energy, my [tirbutosh] as you down because I am a typical type A. So exhaust yourself. Accelerate your physical body so that you can't respond to suggestion. This symbol is quiet difficult to hypnotize because of the natural speeds that is produced by the planet Mercury. Unless you build enough cosmic consciousness and understands how you ideologically related to the cosmic mind. How the energy of the universe interacts with brain. I have a little bit of a problem to understand but the true read of mythology. What if you don't change mind. That means you are able to bypass the limitation of the box that been stocking in traditional education because what you cannot see, what you cannot touch does not mean does not exist. So the beauty is now be curious stuff.

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