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If your life is starting to change in ways you don't like


People often come to me and they are upset or {inaudible} themselves or just in a place of not knowing what to do and when you get to that point , it really is the time to start seeking somebody to support you. If its becoming very difficult to get up of bed, if youre constantly tired, if you seem to be emotional. Emotional for things that arent really a problem but become a problem when youre very angry and yelling or youre crying. When things in your life or you find that your behavior starting to change in ways that you dont like, it is time to start to look at outside help. It is a bit {inaudible} winner society to say that we need help. We see it as a sign of weakness and I assure you, it is not. Anyone in this world has had help at some point or another. Whether it was help to tie their shoe or it was help learning to manage their business or it was help learning to manage their relationships, help learning to manage their own self-talk or destructive self-talk, whatever it is. Theyve found the strength to find that help and in finding that help, they got better, their lives got better and the people in their lives were happier. Dont get stuck in this spiral of feeling that you can do it all on your own. When I do workshops, I often tell people that we were born more like elephants and a lot less like sharks. Sharks are independents and dont need each other but elephants are born in a communal environment where they need each other for support and we are very much that way. We were not designed to be an island. We were designed to be in a community and in that community, we have people that help us all the time. People help us to connect with our friends via our phone service providers, or Facebook or Skype. They help us to connect with people whom we want to talk to.So, its no different to get help from somebody out like a psychologist, like a coach, a counselor, even a doctor. If we are having symptoms, its very important to reach out and get the help that you need because there are people in your life that need you and they depend on you and If you are not well or unhappy, its much harder to be the figure that you need to be for them and its also very hard on yourself to know that you want to do better but youre not. So, I encourage you to take that step. Get out there. Find somebody and it might not be the right person off the bat. Dont get discouraged . It takes time to find that right healer, to find that right doctor, to find that right coach or counselor, support worker. It takes time but keep at it, keep working towards it because at the end of the day, it is for your own good and it takes time, be gentle with yourself and know that over time, you are gonna get to the place of better health, happiness and peace.

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