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Focus on your strong points


For me it starts by being conscious of and remembering that you're human I think too many of the conversations that we have these days focus on all about negative characteristics and we seem to reinforced that we also super critical and judge-mental of ourselves and all the areas that we believe are lacking that we don't treat ourselves kindly we have conversation with ourselves that we wouldnt have with our worst enemy we (inaudible) stand for anybody else speaking to us in that tone of voice and yet we seemed to think it's perfectly acceptable to speak to ourselves like that I think the more we, we do that it perpetuates a negative self image so for me it really does start of by being conscious of and remembering the areas and the things that you all good at for me it's whats about surrounding yourself with people that are truly investor in my well being and then truly have your best interest at heart in that, I think during that process you figure out not only about the cons of people that you want in your life because of the way it makes you feel and how built your self esteem but it also makes you realize the kind of person that you want to be and how youd like to influence other people and who youd like to be in real life for me goof energy and enthusiasm and a fantastic attitude go a long way and not only towards the people I gravitate towards but also in terms of the dealings that I have with people I think if you have a good attitude and thats something that you choose to have in the morning when you wake up it certainly does get you further enough some quick fixes for me are sometimes just getting out of my head space and not being so analytical is just reconnecting with my childhood whether that's walking barefoot on the grass and just being grateful to have the sunshine on my face or listening to music and dancing sometimes it's just about being in the moment and connecting with that.

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