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It is best to teach positive energy and beliefs in an early age


_______Kyla Tustin_______: start really young, because imagine all of the beliefs created from the age of 0 to 6, so if you just ? an environment and I've done it? and thru the ?, it's all about ensuring that are those that are in really young ages, the children are taking one of the most positive energy and beliefs that they can, so even if in those younger years, its simple things just giving them a certain affirmations to the beautiful movie called 'the help', and she talks, to ,one of the nanny talks to one of the younger girls and she get her to say "you are beautiful", "you are strong", and really, if in those younger years if they teaching these kids to believe this, i really believe that the bullying and all of these type of things that we face with, that just start to slowly drift away because you gonna be creating this younger generation that strong and confident within themselves, which means that they understand themselves enough that thy don't abstain into these fears, thy don't feel the need to degrade other, showing th3y still have the ways? dont know what is like in the states, but in Australia, the bullying is just huge, and it breaks my heart because know the pain that these kids are going through, and know that there is a solution that is just how we exactly get into the curriculum, get them being thought at different ages, saw a TV program, and recently, and they were teaching values within kids at the age of 6, and how beautiful is that the kids start understanding that the age of 6, what is important to me?, and they started aligning them with their own values rather than their parent's values because that basically what happens when, you, thee lines with y9our parents, the least of their values the part of you know that8 not exactly who I am, why i am here, so if you create this really strong sense self at the young age with these kids than any age starting, maybe what they score with different more creative playful ways of getting them in touch with themselves then, it's the really vital way, the easiest way to make changes in the world

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