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The importance of emotional intelligence


Hi! My name is Bruce Wade, your entrepreneur coach. Question: what is emotional intelligence? And why is it so important? To put this into context, you have to understand what EQ is. Now, we're made up of four different areas and EQ, an emotional side, is only one of them. So we've got the mind, the body, the soul, and our emotions or the heart. And each of these can be measured individually with an IQ, a PQ, an SQ and an EQ. So understanding EQ, EQ is the emotional intelligence, the capability of interacting with other people around us in any situations. So someone with a very high EQ, close to a hundred, would be someone that would walk into a room and be comfortable making friends and speaking to people that they haven't even met before as well as reconnecting with people that they have met. It's very important to be able to understand who you are and that confidence using the other intelligences and you can't just isolate the EQ away from the other four because then they can become imbalanced. And someone with a low EQ, I would say if you stand in a corner watching the air bubbles in your soda melt creatively around the ice blocks, you have a very low EQ. If you're able to walk into a room and own the room, then certainly you would have a higher EQ. Now the good news is that your EQ is not set like your IQ. You're able to vary that and depends on where you are in a circumstances in situations in your life. Your EQ does peak and vary throughout your life. And it's a matter of realizing and understanding when your EQ is low to be able to grow that. There is a number of exercises that you can do to forcing yourself to interact with people and gaining [inaudible] to the people, start with the people at the shops that will ring up your items. Speak to the people that you might know the least. [inaudible] people and then build up slowly to folks you speak to people in the phone and then face to face. And it is quite nice. The more you speak the easier it becomes and the higher your EQ. Having a high EQ is critically important to both to interact with the world around us and the least we speak to other people the smaller our world becomes. And interesting speaking and interacting is a muscle-moving information and we always say is that any relationship is saved by information. As soon as you cut off that information, the relationship will starve and eventually die and having that high EQ allows the freedom to feed that relationship. Healthy relationships are key to a fulfilled life. So emotional intelligence is critically important to living a fulfilled life and a happy life and a life that is integrated with other human beings.

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