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How yoga makes you efficient


JJ: Well, then, let me ask you this. You did that. You went to that transformation. How can you envision someone, maybe a colleague of yours that was at AT&T that could come and visit you and do yoga, and could they experience the same thing and still work at AT&T? Umang: Absolutely, because I actually, while I was working at AT&T, since this, there was this overwhelming need inside me. I had not even completed my teacher's training course. Six months into it, and there was this overwhelming need inside me that I have to teach to impact, and I couldn't control it. So, sure enough, I had dropped to that kind of thing from AT&T, and I was asked to do lunch time yoga sessions. So, I taught lunchtime yoga two years. I was still working at AT&T. Two years after lunchtime yoga sessions, I taught at AT&T, and people are... JJ: And, so, did you see a difference with the employees? Umang: Yes. JJ: And, to the production... Umang: Everything into. JJ: Effects of being... Umang: Efficiency there, productivity at AT&T improved. They were able to, you know, take themselves out of that mode of work, work, work, work, work, creating and suddenly they were producing more in less time. They were happier working there. They were able to release their stress and go back to work. And, they said that, "Wow! Now, it feels like, you know..." Before, they would not want to do the whole eight hours, and now when they come back, it's refreshed again. So, the two halves of their life at AT&T became similar, not tired at the end of day, but rejuvenated. It was very interesting how much those employees gained, how much they gained.

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