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Doing something totally different to what you're doing for a while


_______Madison_______: People playing video games. _______Andrew_______: Yes? _______Madison_______: That, that, I mean, it goes on, I don't know if you're familiar, but there, there's a thing called World of Warcraft game, out there? _______Andrew_______: Yes. _______Madison_______: Have you heard, people have died from... _______Andrew_______: Yes. _______Madison_______: You okay? _______Andrew_______: Yeah. But it always like, it turns, there's that, kid, kid in China, went for 5 days straight and he actually died just from dehydration. _______Madison_______: Eh, um, I mean, is that, is it this, this concentrated, transfixed state to the... _______Andrew_______: Think about it. It's, it's... _______Madison_______: Insane level _______Andrew_______: It's insane, but the thing is, that they, you're, you're, you're almost, what's the word I'm looking for here? Um, you're putting yourself in a hypnegotic state. They're doing the game because a, it serves them on so many levels, coz it's visually stimulating, it's auditorily stimulating, kids are drooling going so forth. And it shuts out their external reality. _______Madison_______: Hmm... And, I, I mean, why, why would they want to shut out their external reality? _______Andrew_______: I'll ask you that question. _______Madison_______: Hahahaha. I remember you. _______Andrew_______: Oh, I mean. If you think about this like, um, lot of people, you think about, you've heard of the old saying, living for the weekend, right? They do their 9 to 5 job, weekend comes, it's cardio time, right? They just can't wait for the weekend. _______Madison_______: Right. _______Andrew_______: Video games, the, I mean, I play video games, but in a rational, so called, get my brain or I would feel like, I'm, I'm, I'm brain dead. I can't do something else, I'll play a video game for a bit, just to get my mind back in the right state. I need something to change my state as we called NLP. Do something totally different to bring you back to where you need to be. _______Madison_______: Yeah. _______Andrew_______: Um, but, but video games, if you're, if you're looking as a, as a so called, um, it's almost like a gateway drug, in the sense that, they're looking for the latest six, the latest hit, and they already get that, that hit, the next time they're gonna play a little bit longer. They gotta go deeper in the game. They get it more involved in it. And the way the games are being done now, it's actually now the 3D aspect, so you can wear gla, you know glasses and so forth, blah, blah, blah. Separate from the reality. It addresses where some people, they don't like the reality they, they've created, lack of a better word, because they look at their lives as being, I didn't sign up for this. I didn't do this. You know, and say, they have no, no calling in coaching, the victim identification, right? _______Madison_______: Right. _______Andrew_______: They always use the example. This is what happened to me. It's more like, would you realize that, the happened to me means, every person make in our day, is a matter of are you reacting or affected? _______Madison_______: And then this is going back to what you're saying is, are you in control of your life or is your life in control of you? _______Andrew_______: Control on you. Are you, and you think about every moment, every second the day is a matter of choice, right? _______Madison_______: Right. _______Andrew_______: And you can choose to go back automatically, and you think about when you drive home. You take the same route every day. _______Madison_______: Um, um, yeah, it's just sometimes faster than others, which is why the cops don't like me too much, but... _______Andrew_______: But, but pretty else you take the same, and you might say the, the way when you wake in the morning, do you go to the same routine every morning? Can you do it when your eyes close as they say? _______Madison_______: Yes, that's true. Yeah. _______Andrew_______: And why, why do you think you'd do that? _______Madison_______: I think familiarity? Ah? _______Andrew_______ But why do you think you do it that way that it's, if, if, if every day was an opportunity to create a freshness in your life, right? _______Madison_______: Right. _______Andrew_______: And if you're to go about doing your sequence in a reverse pattern, so say example, when you get up the morning and the first thing you do is you're gonna have a shower, okay? Well, say you got up in the morning and instead you went made, made breakfast first. You had breakfast then you had your shower? How might they change the way you experience your day? _______Madison_______: That's really interesting. So you're saying, it's gonna, it's actually, changing my reality in just a tiny little ways? _______Andrew_______: Okay, when you're in a vacation. Why do you, why do you sense a difference in your day? When you've, and yet, you turn to do the same thing every day. But in just a different environment, right? _______Madison_______: Yeah. Well, I mean, you get coffee coming to you, breakfast that... _______Andrew_______: But question, are you, are you in the same clothes you wear in vacation as you do at home? _______Madison_______: Yeah? Yeah? _______Andrew_______: Do you take the same products for your, for your, for your, your bathmer? Using the hotel's products by chance per say, instead of your own? _______Madison_______: I, I use the hotel's? _______Andrew_______: Okay. Does that make a difference to you? _______Madison_______: Yeah. It feels new, there's new smells. _______Andrew_______: So well, well, what are you listen to what you're saying? _______Madison_______: It's, it's new. It's exciting. It's fresh. _______Andrew_______: So, so how might you bring that in one small way each and every day as something new? One thing, what might that be? _______Madison_______: Hoo. I like this game. Um, hmm..., I guess I could, you know, try a new toothpaste? Or try a new chai tea in the morning, or... _______Andrew_______: Good. _______Madison_______: Okay. _______Andrew_______: Like a candle in the morning and then turn your bathroom the case is scented. _______Madison_______: Yeah. So you're really getting your senses going in ways that you don't ordinarily do it. _______Andrew_______: Well, if, for lack of better word, we spent a lot of our time going through day being dumped out or numb. You think about it. Where's that... _______Madison_______: Right. _______Andrew_______: Where's that freshness that you have when you're a child, when you're a child and it's summer time. The summer hot vacation thing, was every day the same, the summer? _______Madison_______: No. _______Andrew_______: Okay, then why do you think that was? _______Madison_______: We were young, I don't really... _______Andrew_______: You were ex, you were excited at the new opportunities we saw before each and every day, right? _______Madison_______: Yes. _______Andrew_______: Do you wake up in the morning excited every day? S: So more than others. Hahaha. _______Andrew_______: Okay. _______Madison_______: But not always. Yeah. _______Andrew_______: Okay. But what's that based upon when you have that experience of being excited? _______Madison_______: Um, it's based upon some of uncertainty? I would say. _______Andrew_______: Based on what? _______Madison_______: Un, uncertainty? _______Andrew_______: Are you sure about that? _______Madison_______: I don't know. Think that I'm doing this is all, this is thing is like uhh, hahaha. Um, yeah. I can see, I think where you're going with this, but tell me a little bit more, explain to me more word. _______Andrew_______: When you see example, they said the word, there's a sense of certainty, through the course of the day, right? _______Madison_______: Right. _______Andrew_______: Okay. Do you notice that if you were to look back and do a daily dairy of, of the so called what your day was going to be. I have two diaries. One dairy is saying, this is what my day is going to be when you start out, and then have a debrief dairy at the end of the day. How would that, how would those 2 correlate if you, you look at that? _______Madison_______: So I would have to compare the before and after? _______Andrew_______: Well, think about it right now. If you would think back, what, what you thought today would be, right? _______Madison_______: Right. _______Andrew_______: Okay. And what is today turn out, did you think the conversation with me would be this way today? _______Madison_______: Um, no. I would have to say no. _______Andrew_______: Okay. _______Madison_______: And so, it is easy. I am excited, then that would change. _______Andrew_______: Right. _______Madison_______: Um, and... _______Andrew_______: How does that change the way that you experience your day if you knew there's an, there's an opportunity for change and excitement of the day is you, is that so called, edge of certain you was taken away. _______Madison_______: I think I would add more fulfillment, content, right? _______Andrew_______: And freshness, right? _______Madison_______: Freshness, yes. _______Andrew_______: And more childlike most of you would say, right? _______Madison_______: Yes, definitely. Like the honeymoon state. Haha. _______Andrew_______: Well, you think about this is, when you walk in a forest, can you name every leaf in the tree? _______Madison_______: No. _______Andrew_______: Can you name some? _______Madison_______: If you? _______Andrew_______: Okay, and how, how did you learn, from what, or what source did you learn about the, the, the, the meaning of the leaves, based on what? _______Madison_______: Um, I guess, being a, in, in grade school, learning the poison ivy is so... _______Andrew_______: Somebody, somebody told you, right? _______Madison_______: Yeah. _______Andrew_______: Okay. And when you know something for what it is, isn't it as exciting as something you don't know? _______Madison_______: Um, it's, it's definitely much more thrilling to know, to learn something new. _______Andrew_______: Okay. So maybe this can be a challenge for you. How might you add more freshness to your daily experience instead of looking at something as, and judging for what it is. Oh, I already know what that is. But saying it, you might do the same thing but it might be a sudden different than what I known to be. Is that possible? _______Madison_______: It is very possible. _______Andrew_______: Okay. _______Madison_______: Yeah, okay. _______Andrew_______: And, and knowing that, how might that change the way you go about your day? You have something that is circles having your coffee may be you just like, oh, my coffee little bit different today. Maybe I'll just try the other brand today for a change.

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