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Commit a 10 minute meditation work out everyday


We all know that meditation is good for us but finding the time to do can be a big challenge. Now you know what Im going to tell you then that earlier, I know you dont want to, so heres the good news. An effective fabulous meditation can take 10 minutes or less. The trick of having your good meditation is getting into the outer state {inaudible}. Heres an effective way to do that. Breathing and as you breath out picture the number 3 and say the number 3 in your head 3x then 2 then 1. I like to use a lot of colors in this meditation and it puts me into the meditative outer state very quickly. Another wonderful meditation I like to do which takes about 3 minutes is a sound hymn as well. What youll do is take your middle fingers and press down against the soft part of your ear cons to the cheek. You press them in and out like a heartbeat and while youre doing this, you breath in deeply and then hum as youre going out, like this ..(humming). You continue to do this for ten times, when youre finished, your vibration is higher and youve had a really good meditation. Youll find that your lips tingle and parts of your body are pressing . Another thing that you can do is quickly go into a visualization. Picture yourself some place else, some place in nature, a beach, a forest, a meadow, climbing a mountain. Any place that gives you instant peace. This takes you to the out of state very quickly. Even if you only have one or two minutes, you can do this at your office or when your car is parked and youre waiting for someone. You can even take a break from shopping or anything else youre doing and spend a moment , just sit on a bench and think of a special place. When you start doing continuous small meditations, you enjoy the out of state so much that you want you do it again and again and again. It makes it easier for us to find time to take longer meditations for a day. The best time to meditate are the morning, around dawn and the evening before you go to bed. This is so that you have peaceful, peaceful breath. Meditating at {inaudible} is also a very very good time to get into the out of state very quickly. 10 Minutes is not a lot to ask of yourself. Think of what youre doing of your time and how important is it for you to be bring those things rather than meditation. Make yourself a priority and do it through meditation.

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