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Benefits of meditation


'--------Lana------ Now, I've had people who don't know anything about meditation, and getting them to relax is always the hardest part. You've got that monkey mind.Where there's thoughts going through your head every second, "Oh, what am I going to make for dinner? Oh, my gosh!" ---------JJ------- Intrusive thoughts, right. ----------Lana--------= Yes. And, so, what you want to do is you want to relax a person. The best way to relax is to remember how to breathe, and then I teach them to ground themselves. We call this the piko piko, navel to navel exercise where you ground, you're bringing in breath into your solar plexus, navel area, and you want to exhale and you want to go down into the earth, and connect with the earth's heart chakra and inhale that beautiful energy, and then exhale and then reach up above to our energy source, you know. it becomes your focus, and it also allows you to center : And, that sets you up to be the hollow bone. You are part of the equation. You are not just a witness, and you're not just an outside observer. You become a participant.The energy goes through you, and as you communicate in that energy and you send it to whomever, it's like a stream of water. It cleanses you, and it fixes you as well.

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