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Coping with anxiety, stress and persons with similar syptoms of psychosis


__________JJ Thiret__________ Once they gain an insight then how do you go from there towards then being active or proactive in doing the work. __________Dr. Cheryl Arutt__________ When we're talking about trauma and because I worked a lot with people who had traumatic events. They may have PTSD, they may have some of the symptoms of PTSD but not meet criteria for the whole disorder. But people end up ... when they have a trauma that is too much for their system to kind of digest metaphorically. People kinda alternate between feeling really flooded and numb. (?)you and (?)yourself. And people tend to arrange their lives to avoid being upset by things that remind them of the upsetting things. So their world gets narrower and narrower and they end up making a lot of the same kind of mistake because they are trying to avoid getting flooded or overwhelmed by these feelings. And one of the things that I think people find very empowering is understanding how our body and our brain are wired. Understanding the fighter or flight system that is for their survival. That's you know can be a really good thing but it's an ancient system and it's not really adapted to modern life. But helping people to understand that that system has gotten disregulated and disconnected from the present. And that's where the flashbacks come from and that's where these feeling trigger and feeling that it's happening again come from. And people less crazy when they understand that when their body is trying to protect them but something gotten kinda out of sync and then teaching them that different ways to help soothe, regulate themselves, calm down , and looking at PTSD in particular as very much a problem of not knowing how to know when you're safe. And helping people learn how to recognize when they are safe.

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