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Understand yourself to be able to figure out what can make you feel better


No matter how successful we are, we all have doubts and fears about ourselves. We all wonder if what we're doing is right. So there's few suggestions for things you can do to feel better about yourself and feel confident. Number one, realize that we're all connected. We're all God's children if you will. Deep inside, there's a wise person in all of us. We all have a genius, a natural gift. And the very first thing you can to feel better about yourself is to understand what your natural gift is. Understand who you are. Realized that your personality may not think so your very special person. Another thing you can do is ask people what you do well. Go around, people who know you. Ask from what they see which your greatest strengths, ask the things that you contribute to them. Also ask them how you can be more effective. Give them a change to give feedback. How you could build your self-esteem. How you could build who you are. And why do you seems down? Ask your friends, ask your family. What is it they see in you. They know you. Write them all down. Then a few talk to a lot of people. Go through it. Do what they say. You recognize yourself. You recognize your strength. Another thing you can do is take a personality test. There's a lot of different personality tests [inaudible], the PL16. I gave my clients personality tests so they can see what they're really good at, what's special. Do that. Take the time. You must know yourself. We all have strengths. For something about each of us, it is good and powerful. Just learn what they are and then start to expand it on your natural gifts. Start to expand it on your genius. Often times, we find our thoughts, our [inaudible] things to happen to us that are [inaudible] blockage from seeing our own gifts. So when you see those, when you're aware of some of those things that sort of talk at the back of your head about yourself. Practice of letting go. It's just thoughts. It's just your thoughts, it's not real. You're human being. You have deep wisdom. You're connected to the divine. Take the time to find it. Take the time and let go of the things. Your blocking of your own perception. Of your own greatness.

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