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The best treatment for anxiety


One thing that I do quite often and I enjoy quite of it having an opportunity to speak to small and large audiences particularly on things that I know well or at least that I have a lot of experience and hopefully gained expertise in. But yet, I still experience anxiety often. In fact, more often than not, ahead of going in to one of these presentations, perhaps the more critical, the more likely that is and so, I do and looking for answers to how do I break that patterns or undo anxiety in order to be my best. And, Ill be honest, when its also done, I go back to my face that there is a guy and there is a holy spirit that lives within me. I dont want to get religious to anyone but the fact of the matter is that how do I really break that anxiety , for me, its prayer. Its meditation. Its relaxation. So, I certainly list my favorite music. Its talking to myself . But on the top is to listen to the truth. My wife says , go have fun.You know your stuff. So, for me, thats great advice to hear too. Is that go in and recognize youre on the right topic, with the right audience and that you have all the {inaudible} you need support, what youre doing and therefore, that anxiety, perhaps is over perfecting it or in my case, is I think , being too concerned about audience reaction. Am I gonna please everyone in the group? Not. Hahaha! So, for me again, the main point Id like to make around, what I do to release anxiety is that I just have to acknowledge that {inaudible} its undo anxiety. Theres an inner voice thats speaking and its questioning and therefore, what I need to do is turn that around and speak in a positive, confident manner to myself so that I can go on stage if you will feel really comfortable. Go speak to what you really know and obviously, attempt to meet the needs of the majority of {inaudible} in this audience and I think part of that is just, be yourself, be transparent and be open. So, thats what seems to work best for me as relates to reducing anxiety and Im still working on it.

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