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When you're down, get up and do something about it


The quickest and easiest thing I can do when I am not feeling good about myself is to get off the gym and go and do something about it. That is vitally important. The reason for that is that there is a strong relationship between what I think, what I say in my mind about myself and about the life and the world around me, what I am feeling and what I am doing. So imagine that I am sitting. I am lying in bed the whole day. I don't really feel like doing much. I just lie in bed. I watch the soap on the TV. As a result of that I might say to myself and my mind, You know what, you're not really worth much. You've been lying in bed, you're doing nothing the whole day. As a result of that I feel crap, yeah. And as a result of that I'm - Let me think about it. Let me watch another soap. And that is the down road spiral. And I just spiral down and down until I am in the deepest [catastrophe] potentially. On the contrary, what can I do to get out of that [catastrophe]. Is it kind of work if I just tell myself feel better? Mmm no. I don't think it's going to work. Is it going to work if I go, come on, snap out of it, think differently. Hmmm depending how hard low down in that spiral I am that I could be very effective or probably not that effective. The most effective thing I can do to feel better about myself is in that scenario I picked earlier, is to get out of bait. Go and have a shower. Do something. Make a cup of tea. Go for a run. Go for a walk in the forest. Play with your pet. Just do something. What we may immediately notice in our body [inaudible] is that we start thinking better about ourselves. And the result of that improved thinking, we start feeling better. Magical! Not really. It is just simple. It is a very direct relationship between what we do, how we think, and how we feel about ourselves. So next time if you're feeling down in the dumps, just get up and do something about it.

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