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The time to go to somebody is when you're feeling stuck and not improving


Hello, sometimes people get stuck in life whether they are in a relationship or in a career (inaudible) some days or maybe it has to do a fun re-creation or maybe even personal growth however, they feel that theyre stuck, this is the time that people needs to go to somebody to seek support whether thats a coach, whether thats a psychologist or a healer, I would like to talk to you about the power coaching, to me coaching is creating a change, its creating clarity with conviction and most people thinks sometimes about going to the friend or family for counselling or let say opinions whatever, however, a lot of the time they are very emotionally attached to that person and they cant see our side and the bigger picture, they cant see from a different perspective because they are mostly attached so, the time that you seek a coach is when you have took some area of your life whether that is to do as I said relationship or whatever, you must really want to be there and the coach must provide a safe and confidential place for you are there to come to them or to challenge your (inaudible) and for them to be able to look on what you are showing to them and looking at the mess you have created and maybe its not a mess but maybe youre just confused and for them to be able to work with you through this and through this process to the end result which is what youve come to coaching for. Coaching for me is a powerful process, its a powerful process for it takes somebody out of living in the past reality, through the reality of now it is also about having people to realize that they have a choice to do and can chose their life path they can manifest what they want, they can attract in what they want in life. However, its easier said than done itll have us live in past realities, will live with associations from the past, will live what reflects us the best of is that reality of now because we believe nearly as a fact that what happen to us in the past is going to happen again, its there where about to takes place and coach we are listed to greatness in to life, we are listed what they dont see, we ask them questions that they never wouldve thought of asking themselves, we also ask them to think about a time or a person that they (inaudible) on what was that person (inaudible) back to them because you see when we look at something out there or some person out there and we love what we see is because they (inaudible) to us when we already have inside of us however, we dont feel that were an, were adequate enough or even enough to achieve what they are (inaudible) back to us to achieve, to me the premises of coaching is coaching people to be true to their values at all times, to empower them to move from great to brilliant while all (inaudible) values. Whats really important is you know well, you can set goals and realized at the end when you achieved it that how could I feel empty inside, how could I feel something is missing and you see that because we set goals without knowing what are core values are, in relationships is all about personal values, how could we meet the person of our dreams if we dont even know what we want to know, what are our personal values. The quickest we have known ourselves is through our value system so it is all of us, all of us great to reach out and look for support whether that is from a counsellor or psychologist or a coach however, you must willingly want to do something about the situation youre in and if you keep on doing what youre doing youre going to get the same results. Coaching to me its a power of coaching and the questions that we ask as a coach that allows the client to find their answers. So, today I would like to conclude by saying you know, should you be stuck in life? Should you be very successful but realizing not reaching your potential at the same time in some area? Or should you have a relationship thats brilliant however its not giving you what your values what and theres conflict there? Thats the time to go to somebody, thats the time to go to coaching and to me the power of coaching is work with somebody to move from great to brilliant with clarity and conviction. Thank you.

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