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Breaking the pattern of anxiety


Breaking the pattern of anxiety. Whats important is to examine the whole process and in the case of anxiety, these are usually patterned negative and then one will use to identify the patterns for being anxious. So, in other words, what is the negative thought? When does it occur? What triggers that thought and what beliefs are they that underline or influence that thought and theyre are often with the least time to be self-limited and they need to be challenged and replaced with healthy ways. I believe that anxiety is a secondary emotion so I would advice an anxious person to try and identify any other emotions present such as anger or fear . Once all of that has been achieved, that information can be used to manage the anger to when it next occurs. In this case, the pattern of anxiety needs to be interrupted. So, I would advise that person to try and find a quiet or private space where they can go and just be still with minimum chance of interruption. And I would advise then that person should be {inaudible} and {inaudible}. Practice on how it feels ,{inaudible} and practice breath into that part that is tensed. For example, if tension is found in the belly, I would advise that person to then focus breathing there slowly, breathing there deeply, into the belly area so physically moving the belly in and out with the breaths in a slow passion. It also helps the person closes their eyes and they can now focus on imagery. Imagine themselves sending breath into that area. Any common color if it works to that person to imagine sending light, calming light in that color into the area that tension is being {inaudible}. Once the person is feeling a bit calm, that negative thought they need to be replaced with a positive thought.

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