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It's what it feels like from the inside


____________________Jennie Lee______________________________ I uh talk to my yoga students a lot about how when we are doing postures it doesn't matter what the posture looks like on the outside, it's what it feels like from the inside. And there are certain alignment that we are looking for in postures but there are many teachers who try to jam people in to perfect alignment and that's really the antithesis of yoga we want to be encouraging our students to feel the posture from the inside out and just feel their personal expression of it whatever their body can do. , I really plugged in to it from the stand point of the physical practice at first but over time as I started meeting some pretty serious life challenges, I discovered the deeper teachings of yoga the philosophy behind the postures and the outer practice and started really digging in to the inner practice and what I found was that the teachings of the yoga sutras are really timeless even though they are 5,000 years old this is timeless wisdom and they hold everything that we need to find a balance in life today and joy. _____________________JJ Thiret_______________________________ Balance and joy two, two great um words and um hmm, coz with balance comes joy right? ____________________Jennie Lee______________________________ Well yeah! Definitely, we need to find the outer balance to be able to get still enough to go within and as we are able to go within and find the inner peace and the inner true essence of self, that's where the joy lives.

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