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It's mind over matter


To me its mind over matter when I work with a pain management it is probably one of the hardest things to learn that it is, it is the thought its the mind that you need to start getting more control over its really hard and its, its almost paralyzing but it is possible it is a very strong connection between of the, of the brain and the connections and the synopsis and all the signals that are going though in the mind and its almost that you become what you think what you think of yourself is what you become so if you think something good about yourself and you have high thoughts and high standards of yourself that is where you put yourself thats where you end up its the same thing as if you have high thoughts of somebody else and, and thats where you put them its mind over matter its, its really you become what you think and you get what you put out there so if you think of something for example Im going to get pulled over Im going to get a ticket that, thats whats going to happen might not happen immediately but it will happen later on some people are convinced that you can manifest things with your mind not for no reason that we are suggesting to create a vision board whenever you do a workshop about business or you want to have a business development or you want to put a five year plan together its all about the vision board its all about whats in your mind thats what it comes down to is to put the thought out there because what you, whatever you put out there is what you are creating so yeah, its definitely affecting your body it can also help you lose weight, it can help you get more motivated to do things that youre supposed to be doing because its the mind goes back to neuron-linguistic programming youre using the mind to re-program so (inaudible) your personal lost it goes back to creating a more supportive environment for yourself because if you think about it and you create it and you allow yourself to enter in to it in a vision board and you are creating that with physical pictures that you sometimes cut out from other magazines but you put your own picture in there its mind over matter so yeah, its a very strong connection its a very, its a fundamental connection that exist its what makes to move you actually not to move you but the body it makes the body move its the thought that makes the body move thats the way it works its not the body that makes the mind work.

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