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Find out why you don't like your job


My advice to someone who absolutely hates their job and their professional life is a simple question, why? Why do you absolutely hate your job or your professional life, why? Until you can answer the why question you really can't move on. Because we can get lots of advice when people are unhappy in their jobs. We normally get told that there is a couple of options. That you shut up. You just get on with it. That you stop mourning and do something about it. Or you leave it now and you find something else that may be better than what you've got. But ultimately, the root cause about people's professional lives and their jobs is conflict between their personal views and their work views. Their personal behaviors and what they're required to do in the office. So my advice to somebody that's in this position is to ask why. But more importantly what can you do to change situation. Because ultimately, having some resolve to make change is possibly the biggest step that you have to take. There's loads and loads of people that can type an easy option which is to mind about anything. But ultimately, if you're not going to do anything about it, then they can't really begin the journey to help themselves. What we have to do in today's environment is generate and create opportunities. There are just so many things that you can do by the internet to generate those opportunities for you. First of all, if you're in this position, my advice would be to seek out some professional help and also to contact somebody that you trust to get their opinions. But ultimately, what I found when I'm helping people like this is they don't want to hear the naked truth which is usually people [inaudible] jobs and at least they're going to make a personal change and nothing will ever change.

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