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Every problem can be resolved


I really believe that feeling anxious and one thing to change from feeling anxious is a choice. And its a choice that we can all make. We have learned patterns over the years upbringing, conditioning. Weve learned to do things in a particular way that have left us to feel anxious. So, we have to unlearn or learn other patterns or other habits. And sometimes, this is not that straight forward because the anxiety provoking issue has been with us for so long. It becomes a kind of a comfort zone and its much easier to remain anxious because the devil we know is different from the one we dont then to make that break to have a pattern change a shift. In choosing to feel calm, or soothing or deal with the anxiety provoking issue in a different way, we are enabling ourselves to view the problem from a different angle and that is helpful always. Even someone like Einstein says that, If you always look at your problem or trying to resolve the problem in the same way, youre always going to get the same answers. So, you do need to do things in a different way. So, to break the pattern, its important that you consciously acknowledge that I do not want to be in this state. I do not want to feel this way. I want to change and then I have to do something to change. Its not just saying, I want to change but right, how are you going to change. A good way to change as a starting point is to have a kind of daily mantra if you like or a daily routine where you quietly for a couple of minutes or maybe not even a couple of minutes, when you get up in the morning or youre in a shrine so a place where you really sort of private time. Youre saying, well, I choose to be free. I choose to feel calm, to feel happy. Another way is to recognize how grateful you are for all that you have. Sometimes, this is not that easy because weve {inaudible} to a point of the speed that is so deep and so heavy that you cant feel grateful for anything but theres always something that people can think of. And So, this is also kind of one thing, If conscious , one thing to change the pattern or identify a sentence they trace and its with you but it has to be a positive sentence. The other aspect of one thing to change from anxieties comes from very simple sentence in a movie, the movie , The Best Little Marigold Hotel, one of the main characters and hes a little bit chaotic and he has quite a few issues to deal with personally and professionally and he says to one of the guests actor hotel, All issues will be resolved in the end and if theyre not resolved, its not the end. And its a little bit of a funny statement but it does reflect something. Its sometimes, things happen that you have no control. Sometimes its just as good to acknowledge that you can do something with help from the universe and wherever way this help is going to come so you dont have to have all the burden on your shoulders. Just sit down or take a moment. Take a deep breath. Relax and just feel calm and serene because whatever the troubling issue is, it will be resolved.

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