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Eq is important because it's to pick up new answers of what's not being said


I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is a clinical psychologist awhile ago around this topic. And it was kind of interesting because she was doing workshops on EQ. And she turn run to me at point and says to me that she comes to a conclusion that she had a terrible EQ. And I couldn't understand this and I asked her What do you mean? You are one of the most intuitive people that I know and certainly pickup on the new answerss of relationship and how people are feeling. So what do you mean you've got a terrible EQ?. And she said to me that one of the things she really dis-lacks upon who's job is administrator component and she's really really bad at it. Which means that she gets her invoices out often not on time. And it puts her on the financial pressure. She is on that self sabotage that is not great EQ. And it's suit me shifted my entire view of what I deem EQ to be and it's importance. What I took away from that conversation without who even knowing at or realizing this was that if you have really good EQ, is to know and be aware of others and may suit of emotional and mental states but round the things that drives us and the things that we do that put us unnecessarily under strain and at risk. So what I started implementing for an EQ perspective is the things that I've done like doing now, I do first thing in the morning to get them out of the way. So I don't have that heavy hanging feeling over me for the rest of the day when I got to get this done. So, in essense for me, EQ is definitely not over rated. I think it is highly under rated. I think if more people were in touched with their EQ and what drives them and motivates them and how we solve sabotage ourselves, we'll be a lot better of. We certainly get rid of a lot of unnecessary stress in our lives and I mean I think a lot of stress put enough with us during [inaudible]. I think for me, in a relationship perspective, EQ is also really important. It's to pick up on the new answers of what's not being said. I think it was William Shakespeare who once said that woman have two languages and only one of them is verbal and that's certainly true. So, EQ is very important in our lives. It's to pick up on the thing that aren't being said and to look for the signs in others that we might not recognized because they are not talking with us.

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