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Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify people's behavior and actions


Emotional intelligence is the ability for one to actually be able to manage and deal with various different emotions of individuals within the workplace. Many people of their opinion that emotional intelligence is currently overrated. However, when one considers both IQ and EQ they tend to be very cozy intellect with one another. An organization that is actually looking to prosper and grow and develop within the current marketplace needs to be forward thinking enough to actually want to develop this stuff within the area of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability for individuals to identify peoples behaviors and actions and interpreting in such a way that their response is professional enough and that the response is actually to the benefit of the organization concerned. Emotional intelligence is something that is almost, it operates like a muscle within a body. It is something that can actually be developed and it needs to be practiced and strengthened on an ongoing basis in order for it to be truly successful within a business environment. When one lacks the ability to actually deal with ones emotions sufficiently well. This is when the particular office within organization where individuals are unable to deal with demands and pressures on the time or various different things that are required of them. And as a result of this, they tend to suffer from {inaudible}. They maybe well designed to leave the organization which is obviously always a costly exercise in terms of rehiring and retraining that particular individual. From personal point of view, I firmly believe that there will always be room for emotional intelligence within business organization as long as they are interested in being progressive and forward thinking. Individuals who are determined to actually strengthen this particular skill are usually better equipped to deal with external inferences and external factors that happen to them at any given time. So, emotional intelligence is just not a tool to be used within business but it is actually something that one is able to make use of and benefit from on an individual level within the personal parameters as well.

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