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__________Petrea King_________ That very simple practice that we just talked about, is invaluable, not matter how busy you are. I mean, in fact, I think someone said, "you know, you need to meditate for half an our everyday unless you're very busy, in which case you need an hour", and I think that's, that's very true, um but it doesn't actually take a long time, on our website we have just a little 8-minute coming to your senses practice. And indeed when I speak to CEO's, what CEO's are really looking for in their start are people who have access to creativity to ingenuity to good communication skills who are able to make a, a really positive contribution in the workplace, and you can't have access to those qualities unless the mind is quiet. And so, using these techniques means that your productivity increases dramatically, because you become very, very efficient at whatever it is that you are doing. So that when you give your attention to something, you give it 100% to that task, which means very aspect of that task has been attended to, and can then be put aside having been fully engaged with and attended to. What happens so often during the day, is that our minds are already projecting on to the next thing that we have to do after whatever it is we are engaged in, and then we don't do a good job of the task that's a ten, so I would say that more responsible the position, the heavier the burden of responsibility uh, the more important it is to have access to clarity to have access to your intuition um, your creativity, wisdom and so on. So this is where all of the skills in business and in life, are so valuable to us but they only work in certain environment. And that's not in an environment where the mind is chaotic.

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