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Advice for people who doesn't like their jobs or their company


One of the worst feelings a person can have is knowing that they're going to a job or a company that they hate going to. When people come to me with this problem, my advice is to assess where they're at. I want them to start to understand whether it's the job that they're having a problem with or the company that they're having a problem with. Perhaps a boss or a co-worker? Or is it the actual career? Second, I always advice people to take the Strength Finder 2.0 assessment. This assessment categorizes their Top 5 Strengths and helps them to understand their best attributes and where they function the best. Armed with that information, I ask them to go back and re-evaluate. Now that you know what you're really really good at can you do better at your job? Or is the job just not for you? Do you have to look at another company? Because the job is great it's just that you need a different environment. Or, again, do you have to look at a whole new career? In looking for a whole new career, my advice people to either work with myself as a coach or speak to somebody that - a friend, or somebody they know in HR - to help them to understand the landscape in terms of the depth and breadths of jobs and professions they should be looking at. And lastly, I always want to give people the encouragement about finding that right place for them. It's not an overnight find. It's very rare that people just snap their fingers and automatically they're in the place they wanted to be. It takes some time and some finessing. It is a journey. But we all have the choice to choose to walk and to live the dream that we dreamed. So, if your dream is to become pilot or your dream is to become a painter or a baker, be brave and take those first steps and just do it. We all have that choice. It is hard. Money is tight. The economy is not great. But when we step out in faith and do what we are meant to do, success always follows.

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