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People's improper attitudes when talking to someone


_______JJ Thiret_______ do you think also that you know, some of this people distractions are kind of partially do to that. People really like to brag that "Ok look, I can multitask." "I can text to what this man, I can type with this hand, and I can talk you with on the phone." Wait, a prop between in around my headset or whatever, right? _______Chris Sier______ Absolutely, that's what they think they can do and I was facilitating a coaching skills for leaders class, and it was global, and I knew that people were checking their emails, while we were discussing various things to do as coaching skills, and I would, I warned them in the very beginning that I would be calling everyone in the class it is some point or another, and it variably, it happened more than once in a sessions where I would call on someone and being like a "deer in headlights." ______JJ Thiret______ (Laughs) ______Chris Sier______ (Laughs) so, yes. People think they can but what they are doing is scamming of across everything, and they are not really paying attention to either thing. So, if their minds switches, that takes a lot of energy and there's a point in there where, as they are switching, they don't know what's going on in either place, so it's like a no man's land. And if you do that a lot, it's really like A.D.D., and that's a shame, and in our intelligence goes down

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