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Understanding why you don't like your job


Okay, so you hit your job, you hit your life well; hitting something is not enough youve got to do something about it. Understand why you hit it to begin with is it something about you dont like the work, you dont like the people that youre working with, you dont like the rule maybe its not challenging enough so you need to, you may get to the bottom of it, understand it because thats going to give you a clue as to, itll give you a clue to many things, itll give you a clue as to first of all the most basic question is or job right for you, maybe youre not cut out to you know be in a job, maybe youre cut out to be your own boss, maybe youre cut out to be a business owner, maybe youre cut out to be an entrepreneur so you need to first identity if thats case and if it is the case then you, I think you need to have the courage to being able to go out and do something about it also bear in mind that if you do so there is a possibility that you may fail but dont be afraid of failure because failure is something that I feel is the stepping stone to success the more you feel the more you learn and you also learn about yourself about how you handle failure and you can ask anyone whether its the entrepreneurs, billionaires of shark tank like matt (inaudible) Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etcetera I mean all of them but its Steve Jobs what I like everybodys failed every single one of them has failed but failure has not broken them it's actually built them and if you can accept failure and embrace it and be willing to learn from it I think it's something that can truly, truly catapult your life to take you to a completely different level by being able to essentially be in control of your life by being your own boss so thats something that I advocate I believe because thats something that Ive done Ive been able to step away from a regular 9 to 5 job in a fortune twenty company and then do my own thing and its true it truly is a boring because it really does tell you about who you really are not just other professional boss (inaudible) and it really makes you extremely courageous because you can really go out there and do it so its something that I think that can be truly, truly boring as well as character building experience its very humbling and I think it truly makes you a better person I think thats something that I would suggest to anyone to try out and like the saying goes The pain of failure is nothing in compared to the pain of regret so go on be lead your life with the work if or I wonder if go on and do it give it your best shot give two hundred and ten per cent and keep constantly trying take feedback and I think thats something that will truly, truly help you and improve your happiness caution in your life and itll truly give you a life purpose and you truly feel fulfilled and youll reached your full potential so honestly hope that, that can help and this is something that Ive done as well so its not like Im you know giving you arm chair advice it's something that Im actually doing presently as well I hope this helps and god bless.

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