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The easiest ways on how to break the pattern of anxiety


(inaudible) my name is Carmel Hotai Cochrane Im the founder of alternate healing, it is something that Im really passion about because I believe everyone has the ability to have wellness in their life and to feel at peace with themselves and have a calmness because life has a tendency to throw all sorts of obstacles towards us. So, the question that Im answering today is what advice would you give someone who feels anxious all the time and how they can break the pattern? So, first of all when we look at anxiety it's not just a state of mind it's also can be trigged by a smell, it can be trigged by people, it can be trigged at times of the year particularly if you've had traumatic of (inaudible) from your past and what could happen is the anxiety can run like a continuous play on a tape (inaudible) so, one of the simplest things that I like to do is simply using you either lift your right hand which is one feels comfortable for you and actually placing that on the right end side of your body and after healing we teach, this is where your infinite wide self-lopes it's the size of your hand and whatever size is your hand is, is the size of your infinite wide self and then this part of your being this is where you hold or notch and (inaudible) and has the ability to heal you and calm you. One of the techniques that I like to do is a technique of breathing technique, because when you're in anxiety and the first thing that often happens for someone is they actually cannot breathe and so working with your breathe, getting your breathe working will help you to immediately come in to your body and it actually disables the mind when it's on it completely further need space so, Im going to teach the technique it's called "to hold mariri" and it goes like this, start to breathe in and out and again breathing in and breathing out, obviously if you're seating in front of the situation it's just a scenario you've got someone working with and this person is causing you phenomenal anxiety or stress then what you can do is obviously you can't put your hand, here are the worst that Im going to think, what's going on with this person and what you can do is, in your mind take breathe in and breathing out and you can actually practice this really quietly so you can do it holding here breathing in and letting go and you can this when you have the space to do it but when you don't and you're in front of somebody else and you're feeling incredibly anxious you're going to connect with your own infinite wide self and you're connecting with your breathe in and you're letting go this can have many names also, you know, it could be your whole power you know, there's so many names that does, does this energy can be called but it's a very quick way to connect them and to disabled that on-going pattern. Obviously when were working with anxiety particularly if you're going to a destination and you're nervous and all that anxiousness that is coming out you know, one of my favorite techniques is to actually go and Google and to get a very clear path way of how you're going to get to that destination and if it isn't a physical place that you're going to and anxiety is there because of having to meet somebody and it's actually once again step by step writing down the pathway of how you're going to you know, get to the place that you need to be or in front of a person that you have got to, have a discussion with whether it would be work colleague, a family member or someone really close to you and you know, this is a very easy way of breaking the pattern of anxiety and anxiousness isn't necessarily just held in the mind it can be an emotional response is a trigger to.

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