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Our health is our wealth it's an old saying but it's true


The mind and, its just so important being healthy our health is our wealth thats what they say its an old saying and its so true because when we have a healthy mind, a body you know we are, we, we you know we feel so much better theres no doubt about it, its so important to feel our mind with high frequency thoughts with really you know, really good positive thoughts practice it every day and we can do that in you know just take some time to relax and do some meditation and you know were not all of us going to be thinking positive thoughts thats on realistic to think that so, but just practicing a little bit every day of observing your thoughts not judging them and not criticizing ourselves for them then you know thats and, and, and just, and you practice, imagine on daily basis not to criticize our thoughts will have a huge impact on our health, on our, on our mental health you know we are holistic beings you know we, we have a mind and a body, emotions and spirit you know and its not that anyone of those levels that is anyone is important that the other its just that its important to keep them, to nurture each one equally and you know looking at for our body and eating good food and exercising really, really you know its important thats why like I said its no more important than looking after our mental health thats also important and but eating good quality food, fresh food as much as possible and also doing our exercise really important for our physical body, for our emotional health also equally important you know its, its, its just to (inaudible) within each human being to want, to have, to cultivate and to have good healthy relationships with first of all as I said with ourselves and equally you know with other people and we all love to feel a part of you know a community, part of our family, part of our friendships you know its just really, really important to that and then of course to nurture our spirit and give some time to that element of who we are recognizing that we are more than our physical body, we are more than (inaudible), we are more than our emotions and just to check in every night again and recognize that we have a connection to a source much, much bigger than maybe we realize so, for me thats what creates a healthy state, state of mind and a healthy body its very, very I think its very important and I think if we practice a little bit every single day we can build of our strength in all areas of our being so, happy days, enjoy.

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