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Looking at what is it that you're struggling with


Wow, this I a tough one. Its a tough place to be in. So, What I would suggest is looking at what is it that you're struggling with. Is it life in general and that with your place or profession? What you do is the last {inaudible} or perhaps its workplace bully because {inaudible} theres something else in life. So, the first place to look is within ourselves. You know, what is it, what in my life, what else in my life is not working for me? What else is not bringing me joy? Now, the question is whats taking my energy? Is it the work? Is it the people that I work with? Is it the system within which I work that takes my energy? Related to that, what are the values that Im working with or that Im restricted by or have to work with them? Do the values match my values? Is it direction? That place Im working for in the organization or the team or space? Is it heading on the same direction that is meaningful for me? Whats the purpose of it? So, I think these are great questions to ask. In terms of your journey, does it match that? So, I think once we have had looked on all of these then we can say, Ok. Come to find out where you patience lies". What your purpose is. What is more purposeful for you at least? Find a life that is aspiring for you and living your way into it. Ask those questions now? Is there something else in my life thats creating this energy drain? Is it the values? Misalignment? Is it where Im working or what Im doing? Am I getting energy in my life? Am I happy in my relationships? All these framed questions if you like. So beyond that about the {inaudible}, let me tell you a story, Weve had friends for a long time and my wife has very good friends was a {inaudible} and I knew them and I knew her husband a little bit. He was the happiest guy, I might say, at least it didnt appear that way to us. However, his life is very happy but when he turned 50, after being involved in one profession since late in school, he said, You know, I had been unhappy of my life, what Ive always wanted to do is to be a builder. So, at 50 years old, he gave up his high paying job, everything that goes with it and he talked with his wife and he did a builders apprenticeship for three years. For three years, he dug holes in the {inaudible}. Put up with being treated like an apprentice. So things, it didnt make sense giving where he had come from and his profession and his professional values that he would get there and it changed him. Doing something that aligned with a more purposeful with him, something thats aligned with his values, something that felt right, it made a difference. Now, I know its not easy to change and sometimes it maybe impossible right away, you might have a family, you might have a mortgage, you might have other responsibilities. So, this advice in the meantime, {inaudible}, uses your contacts. Add energy to your life. Review your life. Stop the things that drain energy. Find two or three things that give you energy, thats a great start. Keep your CV updated. Talk to people {inaudible}, if youre not sure. If you cant afford it, pay for some professional advice for career development and career choices. Theres plenty online as well and you know, start to begin this bridge to somewhere else. Make applications. Apply for jobs. Youll never know your luck. But you will be a better person, people will tell you that for finding something that gives you energy and that fulfills a deeper purpose in your life. So, do it and seek it. Ask those questions First questions first then begin your journey because youre worth it. You can make a difference to yourself and to those you love and to those who love you. Go well.

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