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Getting what you're looking for using ericksonian hypnosis


_______Andrew_______: The idea is using languaging in the, it's example like, you can't, can you not? Or you use a double bind when you're speaking to a client. You may or you may not. But eventually you will have what you are looking for. You create a dialogue where it's almost sounds like confusing, and at the same time it's very simple. You understand, don't you? I'm just using some of the languaging right there, as, as the... _______Madison_______: As naughty as you said it. Yeah, I do. Yeah. _______Andrew_______: Okay. So, the idea is you, you could, you can implant a positive intention while addressing your person's negative state. There's actually a really cool website called Salad. S-A-L-A-D, in the U.K. Coz that's what Milton Ericson used to call it. He called the language of, of Ericsonian hypnosis, was salad. Because he would always get into the state of the mind, of wherever that person was, and scrambles things up like you toss salad, right? And create a language that allowed him to access that person's particular head, head space or state. And yet, allow him to do that client into a positive state, even if they're not knowing what they were doing. _______Madison_______: It's amazing, it's amazing. _______Andrew_______: It's a really cool stuff. I mean there's actually some playing cards when you go to that, the website, salad, I believe, it's, that their regular standard playing card, with the playing cards have all the different sayings of Milton Ericson has. So I'd use, you could pick one up and tell him, what would this particular situation be used for, that allows you, to um, quickly jog your conscious and unconscious mind. So the more you use it, the more it becomes part of your everyday understanding. _______Madison_______: Like the practice makes perfect? _______Andrew_______: Yes. But, they always say, it's perfect practice that makes perfect. _______Madison_______: Aaa, I like that. Good. Good correction there. _______Andrew_______: Yes. That's one thing about Milton Ericson. He always looked at what people would, will say. Well, I, I tried to do my best. He says, no, there is no try. Because try means 50-50, it's doing your best and doing it. _______Madison_______: Oh! My gosh. Ah, I hate to say this, but have you heard that's like the famous quote from you there. _______Andrew_______: Yes. But, but, but, but Milton Ericson have the authority in, in, in you know, the "You're The King" did the popular theme, back in the 60s basic, when Milton Ericson have that aspect. _______Madison_______: Aaaa... _______Andrew_______: Using do instead of try. _______Madison_______: Mmmm... _______Andrew_______: And he always looked at words as how people would use words as it means in giving of, a, a way out. A 50-50 so called ah, commitment. And you trap them in the role of words and so they would realize it, Oh, that isn't really a commitment. Then he would, how to train them so they have their own internal dialogue. Coz remember, even though what we say to other people, is also our own personal beliefs we have about ourselves and how we relate to the world. _______Madison_______: Yeah. _______Andrew_______: So we change our personal dialogue how we speak to our, our friends,and our fellow workers and so forth. We also change how they're going to react to us in the future, and also, how we are going to react to ourselves.

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