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Focusing on solutions will allow you to move forward the smart way


_______Madison_______: I know you are also a certified solution-focused? _______Andrew_______: Focused. Coach. _______Madison_______: Coach. _______Andrew_______: Yes. _______Madison_______: This is, this seems like it's getting to that problem solving, um, area of expertise that you are in, right? _______Andrew_______: Well, okay, the Milton Ericson model brings in the solution-focused ah, coaching... _______Madison_______: Okay. _______Andrew_______: And the idea is that, you're gonna keep the client very focused. The idea of it, in a very simple way of explaining it, is they use the model called SMART. Smart, meaning it is specific enough, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. _______Madison_______: Hmmm. _______Andrew_______: All 5 of those qualities when the client comes to me, they have to, to fall into that rules, 5 of the ways or the session is not gonna move forward. And by being solution-focused, it means that we're going to do the things in the sessions that's gonna allow the client to move forward, in this, this specific, timely, accountable, results or you take that process, in a timely manner. _______Madison_______: Can you, can you give us some examples of what that might be like? _______Andrew_______: Um, being this, this, what this, how the session would be, or what the, how the outcome of the, of the smart model or where will you serve? _______Madison_______: All of the above. Haha. _______Andrew_______: All of the above. Um, when a client starts okay, example first, um, main preview of what a coaching session would be like, I would ask, what does the client want to attain in the session? And I would create we call, some contract. Get it very specific. How would the client know what they got? In the sense of it. By the end of the session, what is it that you wanna have as being the result? We focus on a specific things of, see for example if you're saying that, you were looking at ah, you needed a particular task on, within 2 weeks, okay? And you were in crunch time. So if that was the case, let's say, what are the worthwhile that we send whatever together to look at ways that allow you to be, of, to maximize your time management but also, allow it to break it down into small enough chunks that you would feel that they are durable, and also you felt that you could do it in a way that was not an overwhelmed. And then, have at least, one or two contingency plans and plays that allow you to, to move forward in respect to what was to take place between now and two weeks. _______Madison_______: Hmm... So every big problems becomes little baby problems that are easy to accomplish, and you know. _______Andrew_______: I look, I look and instead of the problem that say, what is the daily solution that we can do right now, in the next hour? The next day? The next two weeks? Because the whole idea was solution-focused coaching. We, we want to move the clients from not saying what they don't want or what is what they do want, cause people could say, well, this is what I don't want my life. Let's focus on solution-focused, as far as what is it that you do want? Because if you, if you think how your mind works, it doesn't work on dialogues, it works on pictures. _______Madison_______: Hmm. _______Andrew_______: So an example, you might, um, you know, I'm sure you have friends are saying, you know, this isn't what I wanted in my life. And yet, you'll ask him to say a question, saying, what is it what you do want? Well I don't know exactly but, this is what I don't want. And because, their mind does not work on the basis, of what you so called want, audi, auditory perspective. It's works on the basis of the pictures that you've hold within that space. Or allow to fill that space for people that are on the word, that they observe. Or they say, well, this is keeps going through my head here. This is what I see in front of me. This is what I being in my life. And they become now, note over the driver on the right and become the passenger, in your life going through it. _______Madison_______: So, all these visions, if we could say this images... _______Andrew_______: Yeah. _______Madison_______: They are really, what, we're putting out there, and if we don't change this images, this is something that's solution-focused, or just kinda continue to repeat those images? _______Andrew_______: Think of it. Think of this like, it's a movie and projector, and you're the director. Most people are on their work, that may this have this old film running this tape, or lack a better word, ahh, it takes them put in, from family members, from work, and friends, and acquaintances, and religious doctrine, whatever the case may be that, may be unreminding who you potentially could be, and becomes your excuse for why you have not become who you're being, based upon all these content. Let's put in, for a lack of better word that you haven't filtered it all. _______Madison_______: So we're getting out of this, we're, we're taking out this little horror stories, the horror movies. Hahaha. We're putting it positive. _______Andrew_______: Sure, but you could, but the thing is, you can also take the horror story and say, what is the positive intention behind that? What is the lesson to be learned there? _______Madison_______: Yes. _______Andrew_______: Because the whole idea is ahh, in, in first thing, with, with coaching and NLPs, the, the client isn't broken. Now, idea is that, to the whole process, is the unlearning of what society has taught you at the very, at the very beginning of the session, we're, we're talking today. It's that, it's like peeling the lighters back on an onion, okay? And each session we go through, peeling back those lighters that you've acquired over the years, and you start realizing, wow, what you're revealing to me, is what I've always known. It's just that we have forgotten. The whole idea was solution-focused coaching, so why don't I climb, to reclaim, not to go find, but reclaim. Who they've always been, but they just forgotten because of lack of a better word, um, too busy to think, or, I haven't had the time to go over that soul search to find who I am, or the existence so caught up being busy that, that part of themselves, has not been that explored yet.

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