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Dr. Arutt's frustration in the health care system


__________JJ Thiret__________ What is your biggest frustration in your work? What is that you just feel like pulling that fiery red hair out? What really yeah ... __________Dr. Cheryl Arutt__________ My biggest frustration in my work is probably the difficulty people have accessing quality health care particularly mental health care. But I think all health care in terms with dealing with insurance companies, in terms of people not in power to know what they're rights are, in terms of insurance companies not processing claims the way that they are supposed to, and the time I spent ... just advocating for people because I am out of network. They pay me and then I gave them super bill and they submitted for reimbursement. So I don't I do the billing. But I spent a lot of time really trying to help people to get what they supposed to get back and there are lot of people that need help and who are really interested in getting help who don't. And a lot of people don't understand that. I think that mental health care is health care. It takes ... it's not for the pain of heart. It actually takes courage and I think it actually takes a little bit more sanity to say you know my life could be working better than it is and I gonna go and get some tour tools to make that happen. And then yougrin your teeth and say I can take the pain. It's my frustration. __________JJ Thiret__________ From my guessing, you have some people who have all the money in the world but don't want to do the work. And you have the people who don't have the money that really want to do something about it but cant because of financial thing and you're an advocate for those people.

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