This time is good to be alive


I feel a lot of people feel this way but I believe that life is beneath land I believe that were in love I believe that life is safe and there's no doubt this time that people have to go through a very difficult circumstances but I believe there's a huge benevolence to life and I dont say that likely I say that from my own experience I believe it's a good time to be alive you dont have to look very (inaudible) to save the things that have happened and the conditions people have lived under I believe thats really patient, powerful, magical time to be alive and just the fact that we can do things like this I can seat here in Auckland, New Zealand and talk to you whatever you are in the world I mean how amazing is that and we just starting with all of these connections tools and who knows where they would lead and what are collective wisdom and our collective evolution will lead to, it's a powerful time to be alive, it's a privilege to be alive and I really believe in making the most of every day and Id like to read to you something if youve got time in 3 minutes years ago I meet up this man read us some stories and I wrote this in a magazine article and subsequently waited out a few times in different places I mean (inaudible) a full time job once I've read an ad it's kind of a yeah it's just something I feel strongly about Ill read it to you. This Madisons stories words it is time for us to go beyond where we had been, it is time for us to transform ourselves, transform our relationships, transform our community and transform our society in all its institutions it is time for us to go beyond power over and power gains and discover power with each other and with all creation it is time for us to influence evolution in a creative and rational way, evolution involves choice we are always choosing even when we do nothing that is a choice when the choices are free, free from constraint by domination and the contamination of power systems that will always be rational and creative, it is time for us to go beyond guilt and blame they are not helpful they are not healing we are all in this together I really believe that and we must cherish each other and cherish ourselves it is time to go beyond individual historical and cultural prospective who you are is important but it is time to go beyond the human perspective we are living beings children of mother earth relative to all creatures, it is time to go beyond the earthly perspective, beyond perspective that this place and this time we empower in something so vast that seems infinite and to turn off from where we are we cannot really know the (inaudible) of that or understand the meaning of it but we are certainly (inaudible) of it we are sacred beings and the sacred universe we (inaudible) in relationship, isnt that nice I love that it is time to trust and cherish that relationship and turn down all our walls it is time to find the commonality as human beings to unify our vision and make connections, it is time to liberate ourselves and each other, we must distinguish people from systems and institutions and see how this systems distort human nature of all the creature in this planet we every ones who create we are the agents of change it is time to integrate human creativity in a sense of the tools we create with our deepest nature a sense of what is primal and sacred. Yeah I love that.

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