Love is everywhere, you don't have to hunt for it


I think it's special in relationship for yourself really is about knowing that love is not something you have thank for, you don't have to find it, you don't have to go and look for it. We are plugged into love all the time. I see so many people looking for the other person that's going to complete them or make everything good, make them happy, make the world shine. But there is simply endless and unfulfilling search, it's about line that love is a blues right, love is something we like, love is something we plug into. Love is the essential ocean which if we human being swims. And I believe in destiny that we make the right people at the right time that we always with the contract before we come here for that to happen. And you sure it's happening, its a walk of faith, of trust, of walking alone at times. I mean I met Thompson in my life where it's like it's been a huge turning faith of old friendships, old connections, it's like a change in movement in you. At times you walk alone you know. But just a chain of faith that rich, rich rewarding you will need. If you feel right now in your life that you don't have the love you want, I've really believe in this, rather than looking to find it or search for someone who's going to give it to you, I think go out and just give it to someone else. Who you will means love? Is there a risk down the road, you know people get lonely, do they need someone to go and visit with them. Do they need to shop for them. Where we can get love, is there a community or organization that's need a God and that? I really think to change things around rather than hunting for a mate. We need to be come and giving of ourselves. We need to go beyond our ourselves. This is something I found from a date place of truth in myself. When you give out yourself, when you really give, the love comes, you feel the love, you realize hey I am loved, I need to love but I don't need to look further. It's not lost. When I say love is everywhere, I mean, go out the road and I see, someone older or frail or disable maybe, I see people with them, watching them, caring for them. It's like Louis Armstrong isn't it? And he talks about people passing each other saying how do you? but what they really say is i love you. We are part of human family, we all love one another and yes, if you don't feel like you got love? Go and get love, go beyond yourself, go and give and help and go beyond who you are. There's a good chance, you'll be reminded that you are love and you have love.

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