Know what would make your heart sing


Okay, what Id say and what I often see when {inaudible} conversation with {inaudible} because believe me, its come up a lot is, what make your heart sing? What do you really want to do down in the deepest part of your soul? Whats your dream? And I treat the {inaudible} really seriously. So I would ask you the question, what makes your heart sing? And particularly, what is that dream that keeps coming back to you again over and over in a year? Because suddenly, your soul is standing at the door behind nothing and its saying, Hey, Im not happy. Nothings going to change you. This isnt any good .Thats really important information and wow, everybody hates being unhappy. In some way, thats kind of a gift because its saying, its somebody trying to get your attention, yourself trying to get your own attention. Now, theres a great book Ive recommended a lot all over the years, and I have a friend and she would on and on and on and I read it years and years ago and I subsequently do the same to other people and its called WISHCRAFT , W-I-S-H CRAFT by Barbara Sher and the last time I checked , Barbara had really kindly put it online. So you can go online and download it for free. And its like a workbook; its like an exercise book that helps you really think about what is all really want to do in terms of work. Another thing Id really say is, you know, its about believing and trusting and a benevolence to life, that life is loving, love is path to you, your soul is a path to you. When I look at it in our life, its really clear like especially in terms that you {inaudible} towards them. Theyre open. They open really quickly and easily in his other doors {inaudible} not important. They didnt open it and they didnt mean to {inaudible} Im really glad that was the case. So its like, life is kind. Life likes you. Life wants more for you than you currently have and its sending you the signal of unhappiness {inaudible} courage. Go online. Find that book. Put strengthening people around you. Start to think about whats really valuable to you and of course money is the big issue to everyone. How can I afford it? How can I relate my job? My own experience is this set of circumstances that I wrote on my website. You know, I live {inaudible} journalism. I care with a lot young girls, 25, but my pay dropped by half but I didnt worry about that. And very quickly because I was following the right pattern in my life, my pay came right back up again. And these things too, theres someone {inaudible} walking in the beach in the morning and I think, you know, its worth $10,000 a year being able to do that. Its like what, what I really need for my life? What are the things that are really important? So, this is a rich type of questioning for you and dont rubbish it. Wow. Im unhappy. I dont like my job but its because theres something bigger and beautiful me and a {inaudible} this signal. So take courage and value this time, thats what Id say.

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