Anti-anxiety medication in a different way


Ok, I guess its common sense first of all, is this something that really needs attention, as it is anxiety thats trying to give me some information that you need to hear. So, first of all, its doing a bit of reality check. Whats going on is there is something I seriously need to be anxious about, well not anxious about going drawing that needs attention but there is a side if its just a general anxiety. You know, its such common in our society at the moment that things like anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications have become so of the norm. If its from so many woman over the years have written it, got progesterone, the natural hormone, such a common story, woman doesnt feel well, feels different as she goes to the doctor turns out to be a hormone issue. But, you know, his trouble convincing the doctor that he is given anti-depression medication instead. But, okay, reality check is this something that needs attention? If its not the case, first of all, are you taking care of yourself? Do you need to eat some good food? Do you need to eat, you know, good breakfast, good lunch, good dinner? Do you need to just enroll some good self-nutritive or some good food? Do you need to have a walk? At the end of the day, do you need a friend to talk to? Do you need to do some self-care things like have a warm bath? Give yourself just quiet, its such a noisy world. Its such a noisy world outside and this whole online world, I just find it really, really noisy. Friends kind of shouting at one another, I think, a lot of the time. Im a huge fan of bach flowers and I put them, you know, if you wanna go to my website, I put a list of all the bach flowers. You dont have to get them from me you can go to your local house health food shop. But Ive given a list of what they do. Im a phenomenal, phenomenal fan of bach flowers. Created by a medical doctor a long time ago, it was his life work. Ive his story again on the website. But, use bach flowers and if youre buying them from a health food store or practitioner, they often want to give you about {inaudible} remedy in one bottle, dont do that. How I was taught is one remedy per bottle, read {inaudible} or read about what some terms most suit you and take that remedy. I would take it going off to bed pop a little tablet, the little pill under your tongue and leave it to dissolve. I write about it all on my website but there are vastly powerful tool, these things like white chestnut, if you find your thoughts are going round and round and round, white chestnuts fantastic. Agrimony is great for anxiety. Mimulus is great for depression. So, there are some things, be practical, look at whats going on, enroll some really good self-care. Eat good food. I mean, you dont have to be a health nut, eat food you find pleasurable but make sure youre eating regularly. Make sure youre sleeping well. Give yourself some quiet time. There is a healing energy that comes out of quietness. Nature wow! Nature - the great healer, amazing! Walk in nature. I remember a couple of times in life when Ive been really upset about something. You can actually go and lie under a big tree or lie on the earth. Lie down on the earth and let the earth hold you. Look up into the night sky, the vast starry night and I thought that one of the most reassuring things in life if I ever doubt I go and look at the night sky and somehow I just know that everything was okay. Yes, so there are some {inaudible} but definitely here I am waiving this leg for bach flowers. I have seen them so powerful not just to my life but in many other peoples lives. So, theyre cheap, they are {inaudible}, they are natural. I would certainly be advocating all of those tools rather than pharmaceutical medication. Okay.

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